"I Am RBM"

These video vignettes were produced for Richardson Bike Mart, one of the largest bicycle stores in America (where Lance Armstrong got his start).  They feature real, unique RBM customers and employee's who embody the spirit of cycling.

Darrell Green - Unicyclist.    Darrell loves to ride... just not on two wheels. 

Darrell screen shot


Derek King - Bike Commuter.    Derek loves speed.  And the fact that he is legally blind doesn't slow him down!

Derek King shot good full

Landon and Nicholas - Brothers.    Landon wanted a brother.  His fsmily found Nicholas in an orphanage in Siberia, Russia. 

Nicholas-Landon shot good full

Sebastian York - Late Bloomer.    Sebastian was afflicted with tumors in his leg which kept him from off a bike until late in his childhood.

Screen shot 2012-01-04 at 11.34.26 PM

High Flyers.    Currently in production featuring stunt cyclists who prove that the Wright Brothers were right... man can fly!


All video’s produced, directed, photographed and edited by Barry Stevenson. 

bsvideo@gmx.com     (469) 338-3233    © Barry Stevenson 2013