Why add video to your website and social media?

Because video content is more compelling, more engaging and ultimately more persuasive than any other form of media. Video can combine visuals, music, voice and graphics to create an emotional response and to educate viewers about your organization or products before they contact you.


How much will your marketing video cost?  It all depends.

Most Outside Adventure Media videos are a one-of-a-kind, custom productions.  A two minute (2:00) video typically costs around $3,000.

My production fees are calculated based on (1.) the time it takes to film your project and (2.) the Total Running Time (TRT) of the final video.  I own the video equipment required for most productions.


Calculating project costs*:

Videography:  $1,500/day or $900/half day.

Editing:  $1,250 for the first TRT minute.  $1,000 each additional minute / $600 each additional half minute.

Additional editing:  $1,000/day to update or change video after completion, or if you elect to change the music after editing has started.

Extra’s: Music license from is $50 per song.  Licensing music from other sources to be determined (TBD).

Additional third party production services TBD (professional narration, aerial drone video, special equipment rental, etc).

Discounts provided for multi-video projects and annual contracts.


Price examples*:

1.  A one minute video with one day of filming and one song: $2,800

Filming ($1,500) + 1:00 TRT length ($1,250) + one song ($50) = $2,800


2.  Two minute video with 1.5 days of filming and two songs: $4,750

Filming ($2,400) + 2:00 TRT ($1,250 + $1,000) + two songs ($100) = $4,750


3.  A 2:30 video with two days of filming and three songs: $6,000

Filming ($3,000) + 2:30 TRT ($1,250 + $1,000 + $600) + three songs ($150) = $6,000


4.  A 5:00 video with three days filming and four songs:  $9,200

Filming ($3,750) + 5:00 TRT ($1,250 + $4,000 ($1,000 X 4)) + four songs ($200) = $9,200


*$1,000 deposit required before productions starts.  Out-of-pocket expenses and all travel-related costs invoiced to Client.  Balance due at completion of project before final video file (.mov) provided to Client or uploaded to Client YouTube/Vimeo site.


Nonprofit organizations:

I offer a 15% discount to select 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations for my production services.  Music and additional out-of-pocket costs TBD.


Ala Cart Freelance video services:

Videography-only rate:  $1,500 per day plus expenses.

Editing-only rate:  $300 per hour.

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