Video Production Prices

How much will your video cost?  It all depends.

Most Outside Adventure Media marketing video’s are a one-of-a-kind, custom productions.  Contact me to discuss your project so I can give you an accurate price estimate.

Typical projects, where I direct, shoot, and edit, cost about $4,000 for a two minutes video.  Longer video’s are $5,000+.  

I give substantial discounts to documented 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations, and also for multi-video projects or contracts.

My fee is based on numerous factors, such as the amount of time to shoot and edit, travel, and extra costs such as music licenses.  Out-of-pocket expenses are extra, and additional filming not included in your normal production is $1,000 per day. 

Contact me to discuss your project for a accurate price estimate.


Freelance video production:

Videography-only rate:  $1,500 per day plus expenses

Editing-only rate:  $250 per hour


Small Business video packages, which are simpler and faster to produce that full custom projects, are shown below.  Click on the screen to view video samples of each package to determine the level that best meets your marketing needs and budget.      

Video Production Tips.  Click here for tips on how to create an effective video.

Small Business Packages and Samples:

The following prices and features for Small Business Packages effective 6/1/2014.  Prices and information found in the sample video Descriptions are no longer valid. 


Platinum screen shot

Platinum:  Multiple interviews for effective customer testimonials

Platinum level $2,250.   Total Running Time (TRT): up to 2:00

Multi-location production:  6 hours.  Computer editing:  10 hours

Revisions:  3.  Turn around:  10 days  

Gold screen shot

Gold:   Tell your own business story with an on-camera interview

Gold level $1,750.    TRT :  up to :90

Single-location production:  5 hours.  Computer editing:  8 hours

Revisions:  3.  Turn around:  7 days 

Wilver sreen shot

Silver:   Narrate your video to give customers a virtual tour of your business

Silver level $1,500.    TRT :  up to :60 

Single-location production:  3 hours.  Computer editing:  6 hours

Revisions:  2.  Turn around:  4 days  

Bronze screen shot

Bronze:   A simple video to show customers your business before they walk in the door

Bronze level $1,000.     TRT  :30 - :45

Single-location production:  2 hours.  Computer editing:  4 hour

Revisions:  1.  Turn around:  3 days  

*Custom video prices vary depending on many factors which may include location/travel costs, shoot schedule, talent fees, additional equiptment to be rented, and music licensing costs.    Contact me to discuss your specific project.

Limited Royalty Free music is available at no additional cost.  Other music / graphics / stock footage that requires a license is not included in these prices.

All video’s produced, directed, photographed and edited by Barry Stevenson.     (469) 338-3233    © Barry Stevenson 2015