In-Sync Big Cat Rescue                                                          This 15-minute short documentary shows the day-to-day and financial struggles that In-Sync faces to provide a final home for more than sixty rescued Big Cats.  To be released at film festivals in fall 2014.  

Insync Big Cat Rescue grafx

The Tigers of Texas documentary

Some experts believe there are more tigers in Texas than any other single place on earth!  Since the summer of 2011 I have worked on a documentary that  will examine the controversy of exotic big cats as pets and how one woman is trying to help “The Tigers of Texas”. 

Tiger of Tx tease picture

Pro Bono* Big Cat Video’s for In-Sync Exotics:

A New Toy.    The tigers discover something unexpected in their exercise yard at In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue Center.  This is the most-viewed video the sanctuary has ever had.

Swimming with Tigers.  What would happen if a 600-pound bengal tigers surprised you in your backyard swimming pool?  This video was featued nationwide on a syndicated viral video television show.

Screen shot 2012-08-22 at 4.05.05 AM

Coffee With Kahn.  Volunteer Marcia enjoy a morning cup of joe with her adopted friend, Kahn.

Coffee with Kahn pcit 1

Big Cats and Pumpkins.  Halloween means a special treat for the big cats.

Screen shot 2012-04-15 at 7.45.32 PM

Tyjar's Play Cam.  One playful tiger would rather eat the HD video camera than sit for a picture. 

Tyjar PlayCam screen capture

* I donate my time to produce video's "Pro Bono" to support In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center, a (501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides a home for 60+ rescued big cats.  

All video’s produced, directed, photographed and edited by Barry Stevenson

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