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Ouray Ice Park: Behind the Ice

Client:  Ouray Ice Park

Title:  Behind the Ice

Project:  The Ouray Ice Park needed a video to educate climbers about park operations and to increase members.  The park is entirely funded by members, donors and sponsors.  For more information visit


“Building Simplicity” Documentary

Client:  Outside Adventure Media

Title:  Building Simplicity documentary tease

Project:  “Building Simplicity” is a documentary project, currently being filmed, that follows Eric as he single-handedly builds an ocean-going trimaran in the mountains near Aspen, named Simplicity.

Music, “missing your youth”, couresy the musical group LSD

Deadline Reel

Client: Outside Adventure Media

Title:  Deadline Reel

Project:  Most video producers create a short “sample reel” of their very best work. But rather than make a standard reel, compiled from a year’s worth (or lifetime) of video, I decided to do something different.  My “Deadline Reel” was shot entirely during a five day client videography trip then, I edited in a single day.

The Wind Catchers Preview

Client:  Outside Adventure Media

Title:  The Wind Catchers Preview

Project:  Preview the short documentary film that I am currently producing that tells the story of para skiers who are “addicted to wind”.  It explores their motivations, emotions, and the challenge of balancing their obsession with kite skiing with a normal life.

“ICE” Preview

Client:  Outside Adventure Media

Title:  Ice Preview

Project:  My short adventure film, Ice, has screened at nearly twenty film festivals around the world and received numerous awards.  It explores why “normal” people risk injury or death to climb on frozen waterfalls each winter?

Winner of the 2013 Colorado Film Award – Platinum from the Colorado International Film Festival, and additional awards from the BCN Sports Festival (Spain), Sedona International Film Festival, Filmstock Film Festival, Intendence Film Fest, and Indie Spirit Film Festival.

Shining Stars: Aspen Winter Games

Client:  Shining Stars Foundation

Title:  Aspen Winter Games

Project:  The Shining Stars Foundation needed a short video to educate the public about their nonprofit organization and their premier event, The Aspen Winter Games.  For more information visit
Music, “Half Moon Ball”, courtesy Stefano Mocino.

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