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For Colorado outdoor-related stock footage, visit my Barry Stevenson page at Pond5.com ( https://www.pond5.com/search?kw=&media=footage#1/2063/artist_exclusive:1,artist:barrystevenson ) where I have posted over 2,600 video clips for sale. Or, contact me directly to see if I have what you need at bsvideo@gmx.com.

Adventure Video


‘Adventure’ is our middle name. Experience the action with these videos. Click image for samples.

Small Business Video


Effective and timely video content should be a key part of your marketing strategy. Click image for samples.

Nonprofit Video


I help nonprofits by offering price discounts for select 501(c)(3) organizations. Click image for samples.


The Lake Christine fire started July 3, 2018 and threatened Basalt and El Jebel. Click image for samples.


Some of the newest videos produced for small businesses and nonprofits:

Bridging Bionics Foundation

Many Bridging Bionics Foundations clients are as young as four years old. Meet some of the youngest participants and learn how their lives are improving every day. (5:30)

Challenge Aspen

Meet Elliot Farmer, who refuses to allow his physical disability slow him down… thanks to Challenge Aspen. (1:09)

Turner Walks Parade

Join the “Turner Walks” parade when 12-year-old Turner Fautsko showed off his Trexo robotic walking devices to Glenwood Springs friends and neighbors. (1:50)

Colorado High School Cycling League

In 2021, the Colorado High School Cycling League fielded 80 teams from around Colorado, South Dakota, New Mexico and Wyoming, with 2,000 student racers. (2:18)


Watch videos produced for Adventure, Small Business and Nonprofit organizations.

Adventure Videos


An Adventure video puts viewers in the middle of the action.

Small Business Videos

Small Business

Help your company grow by incorporating effective and affordable video content into your website and social media.

Nonprofit Videos


I enjoy supporting select nonprofit organizations by helping them share their stories.

Lake Christine Fire Videos

Lake Christine Fire

The Lake Christine Fire started July 3, 2018 and threatened Basalt and El Jebel.


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